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You certainly notice when your central heating system is not working. As something that’s designed to provide heat all year round, as you need it, it’s important that it all works properly, and that means high quality parts, equipment and installation.

However, you can have the best equipment going, but if it’s not installed and set up properly, it won’t work as efficiently as it could, which will not only drive up your heating bills but lead to your system breaking down more often.

Whether you’re doing up a property, your boiler is on the fritz or you’re replacing radiators to make them more efficient, we can help.


Get to know your central heating

The main heating method used in most UK homes is gas, with the heating system featuring a gas-powered boiler which heats water and circulates that to provide central heating around the property – sending the hot water to radiators. Gas central heating also heats the water that you use to wash dishes and bathe or shower in.

Keeping your home warm and the heating regulated can be expensive but there are ways to improve your system’s efficiency.


What does changing your central heating system involve?

It’s likely that there will have been many advances in the equipment and efficiency levels available in central heating systems, if you’re thinking of upgrading – as well as the technical knowledge that comes with an installation. It’s important to calculate the boiler and radiator sizes in relation to the size of your rooms, so that you can have the most efficient systems possible and create a central heating system that really is set up to suit your needs.

Upgrading can include things that you may not have considered before, like underfloor heating, and modern condensing boilers. Saving energy – and in turn, money – condensing boilers use flue gases which are around 90% more efficient than traditional boilers.

An added bonus of changing your heating and boiler system is the space that you’re likely to save.


Why choose a professional for central heating installation?

The quick answer, here, is to make sure that your system is installed effectively and works as efficiently as possible for as long as possible – and that all safety measures are met.

Gas is not something to mess about with, so it’s important to ensure that your central heating system is installed by a professional who is Gas Safe Registered. This is both to ensure your property’s safety and to enable you to keep up the requirements of your warranty.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of upgrading your central heating system and what we can do for you, please get in touch.


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