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As the cold sets in you may find yourself getting up and down or reaching for the smarthome controls to adjust the thermostat – and missing those moments when people you live with do the same.

It seems that arguing about the settings is a firm winter tradition, made even worse when the thermostat or control doesn’t appear to be working right for either of you.

Thermostats keep your home warm or cold, to your nearest desired setting. Ideally, your control will be able to give you accurate temperature readings of your home, 24 hours a day, and adjust to the temperature that you’ve set it to easily.

Of course, how accurate this is all depends on how good your controls and central heating system are. No matter which thermostat you use, your central heating system will perform better with regular, routine maintenance – and this includes the radiators, boiler, heating pump and all of the connections and fixtures linked to it.

Because the central heating system is so extensive, it’s not always that easy to pinpoint exactly why your thermostat may not be working – especially if it’s not something that you do all the time, so it’s best to call in the professionals to both assess the problem and install or replace anything that’s needed.

As thermostats age and wear out, they become less efficient and less able to accurately detect the temperature levels of a room. This will not only make those arguments about the settings even worse, but will drive up your heating bill as you try to combat the “dead zone” – or temperature range where the thermostat should activate, but isn’t.

When it comes to actually replacing your thermostat, you may find that technology has moved on quite a bit since your last one was installed. You will need to ensure that your central heating system is able to configure with a newer style of thermostat, and that the wiring of the new and the old is compatible. This is where expert knowledge comes in – not only would we rather your thermostat work effectively and not be damaged during installation, we’d also rather you didn’t get electrocuted.

Chances are that choosing a thermostat today will be very different to the last time you thought about it. There have been huge advances in technology, so thermostats have become a lot smarter and able to respond to your needs better. For example, wireless thermostats use satellite units to extend the reach of the reading and response – so if you have a particularly cold room, you can stop arguing over it and ensure that your heating amends appropriately. If you choose a smart thermostat, it will get to know your preferences and habits and adjust to your liking, without you having to touch the system at all.

Updating your thermostat and controls, as necessary, will keep your system running efficiently in the future, leading to fewer repairs and lower energy bills. As long as you leave your maintenance to qualified professionals, you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you have any concerns about how your thermostat is performing or would like some advice on which thermostat would be the best option for your needs – and of course our help with installation – please get in touch.

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